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Here is what you will get :

  • 6+ hours of video seminars, downloadable audio meditations, PDF slides and worksheets
  • Guides you through the step-by-step psychological and physiological stages of love, forgiveness, hope, and letting go of bitterness or resentment
  • How to cure your neediness so you can attract a great partner and enjoy a relationship full of passion, connection, and love
  • How to uncover your partner’s emotional needs, and how to fulfill them so they become addicted to you (in a positive way!)
  • How to bond and form a deep connection with your partner that will skyrocket your passion
  • How emotions are the biggest factor in your relationship success and how to replace emotion downers with emotion uppers
  • How to get rid of the obstacles preventing you from having love and passion consistently in your relationships
  • You’ll feel lighter in your body as the blocked up energy the hurt was causing will be released at last
  • This is a one-time payment. It is NOT a subscription product.
  •  Backed by our 30-day unconditional, money-back guarantee

What People Are Saying:

"Hey David, I just wanted you to know how much it has meant to me that your course has been there for me and really got me through the beginning changes in my life and my relationship!... My wife and I are doing VASTLY better!"

David R., software engineer, Dallas, Texas

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